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  • *Crystal not included.

    Organic, NON GMO, Full Spectrum, THC-Free CBD Oil.

    Yeah, you read that right.  

    Read all about where it comes from here.

    Choose one bottle or bundle up with a 2-pack and 3-pack of oil.


    Ingredients: Coconut Oil (MCT), CBD Oil.


    Bottle Sizes: 15ML or 30ML

    Servings: 30

    Reccomended Serving Size: about 1ML


    Benefits: pain relief, eases anxiety, anti-inflammatory,  anti-depressant, antioxidant, anti-convulsant, helps with sleep 


    Deciding your strength: I recommend people to start with a 500mg bottle if they are new to dosing with CBD. You can increase to 750mg or 1000mg if you are wanting more relief.


    Ways to administer CBD:


    1. Sublingual (under your tongue): Shake bottle, place 1 ML (a little less than half of the dropper under your tongue), hold there for 20+ seconds, then swallow.


    2. Directly on the Area For Muscle/Joint Pain: Place a few drops of CBD onto the exact area. Massage into the affected area if possible. Be careful not to irritate any spasms, do not massage if bones are broken or muscles are spasming.   


    3. For Mouth Pain: If you are experiencing an achy tooth, wisdom tooth pain, or have inflammed gums, place a few drops of CBD onto the affected area. Rub the CBD into your gums and all around the tooth in pain. Let the oil sit on the area for as long as possible and swallow anything left over.


    *Flavors coming soon*


    Need help deciding if you need a bundle?

    I reccomend getting a bundle if you are just beginning taking CBD and want to be on a stable routine. Also, I recommend the bundles if you already know you love the product and want to stock up and save OR even give a bottle or two as a gift to a loved one!


    Feel free to ask me any questions on dosing.

    (THC-free) CBD Oil

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