(THC-free) Pet CBD Oil

(THC-free) Pet CBD Oil

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Give the medicinal benefits of CBD to your pets, too!

CBD oil has been known to help ease anxious animals, help older animals gain energy, and calm seizure activity. Try it and see how your animals respond, they will be thankful!

This oil is the same exact oil that us humans use; the strength is just smaller for animals. It is safe for humans to consume.


Ingredients: Coconut Oil (MCT oil) and CBD Oil.


Serving Size:


Weight Daily Use

- Up to 25lbs 2 drops: 1-2x daily
- 25 to 50lbs 4 drops: 1-2x daily
- 50 to 75lbs 6 drops: 1-2x daily
- Over 75lbs 8+ drops: 1-2x daily


Feel free to change up the dose depending on your dog’s mood or pain. Use as much as you need to.


How to use:

Place drops of CBD in your animals mouth or on affected area. If they are stubborn, you may get as creative as you would like. Add it to food/treats, have fun with it.


Sores/cuts: Apply CBD oil and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Cover with a clean bandage to avoid the animal licking the area more.


Teething/achy teeth: Try your hardest to apply the CBD oil directly onto the animals gums and rub in as much as you can. I understand animals can be a bit stubborn, but just try your best and your animal will thank you.


Cysts/growths: Apply a few drops of CBD directly onto the area, massage the oil into the area. Followed by belly rubs.