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  • *Crystal not included.

    Save a few dollars by combining your order of oil with your pets oil, too!


    CBD oil has been known to help ease anxious animals, help older animals gain energy, and calm seizure activity. Try it and see how your animals respond, they will thank you!


    This bundle contains:

    - One 500 MG, 750 MG or 1000 MG bottle of CBD Oil; choose between two flavors

    - One 60 MG or 120 MG bottle of Pet CBD


    Having a hard time deciding?


    Choose 60 MG or 120 MG if your animal is having minor aches, seizures, skin irritations or is younger (under a year- 2 years old).


    Choose 500 MG or 750 MG Pet oil if your animal is in a lot of pain, lacking energy, or having a lot of seizure activity.


    Ingredients: PCR Hemp Oil & MCT Oil

    You & Your Pet Oil

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    $59.99Sale Price
    Choose Strength of CBD Oil
    Choose Strength of Pet CBD Oil